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  • Socratic Irony and Neuroscience

    Insights Into One of Our Most Important But Least Understood Philosophers By William Hirstein, Ph.D. in Mindmelding, Psychology Today The philosopher Socrates lived from 469 to 399 B.C. Although he is one of history’s most famous philosophers—arguably the most famous—he never wrote a word, unless we...
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  • Aging, irony, and wisdom: On the narrative psychology of later life (2013)

    Abstract: This paper introduces the idea that aging inclines us naturally toward an ironic stance on life. The conscious cultivation of that stance through some form of narrative reflection is linked to the development of wisdom, where wisdom is understood in terms of deepened knowledge of the “stories...
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  • Irony as the Form of Wisdom, and Its Limit

    By W. Clark Gilpin Irony is one of the principal forms of wisdom, as wisdom has been understood in world philosophical and spiritual traditions. Among the contributions of irony to wisdom traditions, perhaps the most important has been its counsel of humility with respect to human purposes and achievements...
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