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  • What happens in the brain when we hear stories? Uri Hasson at TED2016

    by Thu-Huong Ha, TED Blog We may, as Joan Didion once wrote, tell ourselves stories in order to liveā€”but Uri Hasson is looking for a few more reasons. The neuroscientist based at Princeton University researches the neurological basis of human communication and storytelling, and in session 11 at TED2016...
     Posted by: jlmatelski
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  • Leadership development: A place for storytelling and Greek mythology? (2014)

    Abstract: This article explores how storytelling and Greek mythology within classroom-based leadership development may facilitate learning to deal with ambiguity and social construction in leadership practice. We aim to show how using narratives and making explicit tacit plotlines can disrupt thinking...
    (Something interesting I found) Posted by: brendah
  • Strategy as Storytelling A Phenomenological Collaboration (2013)

    Abstract: This article presents a phenomenological inquiry into storytelling practices in corporate strategy-making processes, as experienced by nonsenior stakeholders. The authors utilize the potential of phenomenological methods to provide an enriched understanding of strategy as lived, embodied experience...
    (Something interesting I found) Posted by: brendah
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