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Mark Strom grew up in Sydney. He studied theology, philosophy and history in Australia and the USA. His PhD in the history of ideas (University of Western Sydney) constituted a major study of the roots of modern leadership complexities in the traditions that shaped western thought and society.

Thousands of leaders have heard Mark’s keynote addresses or participated in his leadership seminars in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Belgium, Canada and the USA. Mark’s three-day workshop, Arts of the Wise Leader, is a unique learning experience acclaimed by leaders in many sectors. Prior to Second Road, Mark was CEO of Laidlaw College where he led the most far-reaching changes in vision, strategy, operations and culture since the college began in 1922.

Mark has consulted to corporations and government bodies on systems thinking, cultural change, learning and leadership. He has also played a significant role in the renewal of public schools.

Recent Publications
"From Promised Land to Reconciled Cosmos: Paul's Translation of 'Worldview,' 'Worldstory,' and 'Worldperson'"
In The Gospel and the Land of Promise: Christian Approaches to the Land of the Bible, New York: Wipf & Stock Publishers Although in a selection of biblical and theological essays, my contribution is on Paul as a major contributor to the subsequent shape of western thought and society. The central puzzle of Paul's life is how this zealous Pharisee obsessed with land...
Arts of the Wise Leader
Auckland: Sophos Self-published book based on the retreat of the same name I have l;ed for over 15 years. The central hypothesis of the book is that the theory and practice of leadership is better positioned within the larger topic of wisdom than the dominant managerial...
“Humility: The Tale of a Virtue”
In Seven Virtues of Leadership, Brisbane: McGraw Hill. The opening chapter of an anthology on virtues and leadership. My chapter also serves as an introduction to the book by locating modern discussions about virtues and leadership within the tensions inherited in western thought.
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