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Eeva Kallio is senior researcher at Finnish Institute for Educational Research, Jyväskylä, Finland. She is also adjunct professor in University of Jyväskylä and University of Tampere, Finland, in the field of adult development.

She is the first President (Hon.) of the ESRAD (European Society for Research in Adult Development) and has been one of the founding members of it. Her latest article focuses on adult development models, wisdom and spirituality. She is editing book of adult cognitive development,psychology,education and human resources (Routledge).

Beside adult development and wisdom, interests of her varies from history to current theoretization on wisdom, spirituality. adult development and history of cultural cosmology. She is team leader in Wisdom an Learning research team in University of Jyvaskyla, Finland.
So far, research in the team has focused on cognitive component of wisdom (aka postformal thinking), history of education (philosopher J. Comenius and his idea of life as a school for wisdom) practical wisdom (phronesis), higher education wisdom pedagogy, dialogue and wisdom (Socratic and Bohmian dialogues).

Personal webpage can be found on, work webpage and team page:

Recent Publications
From causal thinking to wisdom and spirituality: some perspectives on a growing research field in adult (cognitive) development
Kallio, E. (2015). From causal thinking to wisdom and spirituality: some perspectives on a growing research field in adult (cognitive) development. Approaching Religion, 5(2), 27-41. Abstract This article concentrates on the latest international trends in the research on psychological development of adults, and especially on the development of cognition. The field of research has been very fragmented, and researchers have kept creating...
Integrative Thinking is the Key: an Evaluation of Current Research into the Development of Adult Thinking
Kallio, E. (2011). Integrative thinking is the key: An evaluation of current research into the development of adult thinking. Theory & Psychology, 21(6), 785-801. Abstract: Post-formal relativistic-dialectical thinking has been widely claimed to be a new developmental stage of intellectual development. Other theoretical models come very close to post-formal thinking, with overlapping features such as the study...
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Senior Researcher, Adjunct professor(Docent)

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