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architect, author of The Pursuit of Wisdom

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After earning a degree in Theology/Philosophy, I followed what appeared to be a foreordained path to study architecture. I received a Master’s Degree in Architecture and harnessed a thirty- year profession in the field of real estate development. My position in prominent New York architectural firms and with international real estate developers resulted in the successful design, development and construction of over 25 million square feet worldwide. I continue to passionately pursue a multi-layered life that includes philanthropy, sport, and academics: as the head of the venerable Village Temple Soup Kitchen in New York City since 1999, an ardent fly fisher for trout, a certified United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA) teaching pro and high school tennis coach, and an author who continues a quest for knowledge and an elevated understanding of human existence. My life in New York City, with my wife of 36 years and adult daughter, continues to be filled with great majesty.

Recent Publications
The Pursuit of Wisdom: A Chronological Inquiry of the World's Most Influential Seekers of Wisdom in the Fields of Theology, Philosophy, and Science
Over the centuries we have been witness to transformational changes that have altered the way we think and live. The chapters in The Pursuit of Wisdom are dedicated to heroic individuals throughout history who have attempted to de-mystify the unknown...
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architect, author of The Pursuit of Wisdom

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