Konrad Banicki

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Jagiellonian University in Krakow

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2006-now PhD PSYCHOLOGY course (Psychology Institute, Jagiellonian University)
Thesis being prepared: Philosophy as a Therapy of Psyche. Between Hellenistic Schools and Philosophical Counseling.
Teaching: History of Psychological Thought, Personality - Hermeneutical Approaches

2001-2008 MA PSYCHOLOGY course (Psychology Institute, Jagiellonian University)
Thesis: Defence Mechanisms. Modern Conceptualisation and Measurement.

2000-2005 MA PHILOSOPHY course (Philosophy Institute, Jagiellonian University)
Thesis: Anxiety and Stoic Philosophy. A Psychosocial Approach.

Recent Publications
Positive psychology on character strengths and virtues. A disquieting suggestion
New Ideas in Psychology, 33, 21-34. By Konrad Banicki. The Values in Action (VIA) classification of character strengths and virtues has been recently proposed by two leading positive psychologists, Christopher Peterson and Martin Seligman as “the social science equivalent of virtue ethics...
The Berlin Wisdom Paradigm: A Conceptual Analysis of a Psychological Approach to Wisdom
History & Philosophy of Psychology, 2009, 11(2), pp. 25-35 By Konrad Banicki. The main purpose of this article is to undertake a conceptual investigation of the Berlin Wisdom Paradigm: a psychological project initiated by Paul Baltes and intended to study the complex phenomenon of wisdom. Firstly, in order to...
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Jagiellonian University in Krakow

Current Position

PhD Student

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Research Interests

philosophy as (auto)therapy,
Hellenistic philosophy,
philosophy and methodology of natural science,
personality psycho(patho)logy,
quantitative and qualitative methodology,
interconnections between philosophical (mainly Hellenistic or - more broadly - post-Socratic) and psychological concepts of wisdom,
philosophy as an endeavour to wisdom (philo-sophia) vs philosophy as an endeavour to happiness (eudaimonia)

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