Lauris Kaldjian

Wisdom RFP Grant Recipient
Associate Professor, Internal Medicine

University of Iowa

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I serve as the Director of the Program in Biomedical Ethics and Medical Humanities at the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine. My research interests are in clinical medical ethics (end-of-life decision-making, disclosure of medical errors), medical ethics education (clinical ethical reasoning, professionalism), and the role of religious and philosophical beliefs in medical practice and medical ethics. As a physician, I practice general internal medicine, and as an educator I direct the Healthcare Ethics, Law, and Policy course for second-year medical students at the University of Iowa.

Defining Wisdom Project Description

Using Aristotle’s phronesis and Thomas Aquinas’ prudentia, this project examines the role of practical wisdom in medical practice. It explores the interrelationship and interdependence among virtue ethics, practical wisdom, and conscience, especially when moral agency is understood as requiring moral integrity. Practical wisdom in medicine that draws from phronesis and prudentia relates to the goals that direct medicine and the vision of human flourishing that inspires those goals. The project also explores the extent to which the professional’s conscientious practice should override competing claims from patients or society.

Recent Publications
A Clinician's Approach to Clinical Ethical Reasoning
Kaldjian, L. C., Weir, R. F., Duffy, T. P. (2005). A clinician's approach to clinical ethical reasoning. Journal of General Internal Medicine, 20 (3): 306-11. We offer a systematic strategy that situates clinical ethical reasoning within the paradigm of clinical reasoning. The trajectory of this strategy parallels clinical reasoning: a plain statement of the initial problem, careful gathering of data, a differential...
End-of-life decisions in HIV-positive patients: the role of spiritual beliefs
Kaldjian, L. C., Jekel, J. F., Friedland, G. AIDS 1998; 12:103-7. The objective of this article was to describe the role of spiritual beliefs in HIV-positive patients' end-of-life decisions based on an in-person, cross-sectional survey of HIV-positive patients. The study discovered the following statistics. Of 104...
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University of Iowa

Current Position

Associate Professor, Internal Medicine

Highest Degree

M.D. University of Michigan; Ph.D. Yale University 2004

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