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  • Boaz Keysar (Psychology) sheds new light on the role of language in the natural impulse to lie

    by Sarah Fister Gale, UChicago News People are more honest when using a foreign tongue, study finds while some people may be instantly suspicious when they encounter someone who speaks with a foreign accent, new research co-led by a University of Chicago professor suggests they are probably more credible...
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  • Thinking in a second language hinders imagination, study finds

    by Rachel Hosie, Independent As anyone who’s ever learned a foreign language will know, thinking in anything other than your mother tongue requires a lot of effort. But according to a new study, doing so actually drains the brain of some of its ability to conjure up mental imagery. The research, carried...
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  • Describing certain foods in a foreign language reduces aversion

    by Carla Reiter, UChicago News Restaurateurs apparently know what they’re doing when they offer “escargot” on a menu rather than “snails.” New research shows that people are more willing to eat foods that they find disgusting if those foods are presented in a foreign language. That’s the conclusion of...
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  • Research examines impact of foreign language on risk perception, moral judgment

    by Andrew Bauld, UChicago News Researchers are only beginning to understand how a foreign language affects decision-making, with early findings coming in areas such as moral judgment and risk assessment. In a new article in Trends in Cognitive Sciences , scholars from the University of Chicago and the...
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  • The Superior Social Skills of Bilinguals

    by Katherine Kinzler, The New York Times BEING bilingual has some obvious advantages. Learning more than one language enables new conversations and new experiences. But in recent years, psychology researchers have demonstrated some less obvious advantages of bilingualism, too. For instance, bilingual...
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  • Children exposed to other languages are better at understanding other people

    By Kabir Chibber, Quartz A new study (paywall) suggests that children who speak multiple languages are better at understanding other people. And not only those who are fluent, but those that are simply exposed to another language in their daily lives. Samantha Fan, Zoe Liberman, Boaz Keysar, and Katherine...
     Posted by: brendah
  • Children Exposed to Multiple Languages May Be Better Natural Communicators

    By Jann Ingmire, UChicago News Young children who hear more than one language spoken at home become better communicators, a new study from University of Chicago psychologists finds. Effective communication requires the ability to take others’ perspectives. Researchers discovered that children from multilingual...
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  • NPR Radio Interview of Boaz Keysar and Albert Costa: Your Morals Depend on Language

    June 20, 2014 Hosted by Brooke Gladstone, National Public Radio, On the Media Guests: Albert Costa and Boaz Keysar Would you sacrifice one person to save the lives of five others? Your answer may depend on whether you consider the problem in your native tongue or a foreign language one. In this interview...
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  • Our Moral Tongue: Moral Judgments Depend on What Language We’re Speaking

    June 20, 2014 By Boaz Keysar and Albert Costa, The New York Times On June 20, 2003, employees of the Union Pacific Railroad faced a difficult decision as a runaway train headed toward downtown Los Angeles: Should they divert the train to a side track, knowing it would derail and hit homes in the less...
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  • Thinking in a Foreign Language Could Sway Your Moral Judgments

    May 19, 2014 By Brandon Keim, Wired Would you kill one person to save five? This cruel dilemma pits the principle of thou-shalt-not-kill against simple math: Five is greater than one. But presumably it’s a dilemma each person solves the same way each time, unaffected by superficial things like the language...
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  • The unforseen consequences of intereacting with non-native speakers (2018)

    Abstract: Sociolinguistic research shows that listeners' expectations of speakers influence their interpretation of the speech, yet this is often ignored in cognitive models of language comprehension. Here, we focus on the case of interactions between native and non-native speakers. Previous literature...
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  • Your Morals Depend on Language (2014)

    Abstract: Should you sacrifice one man to save five? Whatever your answer, it should not depend on whether you were asked the question in your native language or a foreign tongue so long as you understood the problem. And yet here we report evidence that people using a foreign language make substantially...
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  • Bad is More Powerful Than Good, Part 2

    Should You Hire a Buddhist Monk to Manage Your Finances? By Debbie Curtis I can’t stop now because I’ll lose everything that I’ve invested so far! No doubt, you’ve heard someone say this. Politicians are famous for making such proclamations… To terminate a project in which $1 billion has already been...
     Posted by: brendah
  • Bad is More Powerful Than Good, Part 1

    The Power of “Bad” Over “Good”: Why Do We Chase Losses? By Debbie Curtis “Good” and “bad” are two of the first concepts we learned as kids. Even our pets understand Good and Bad. From the very beginning, these two words are used to condition our behavior and categorize conflicting choices in decision...
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  • The wisdom of arguing with success: How to evaluate performance with the benefit of ignorance

    By Boaz Keysar Last December, only a day before my son’s flight to Israel, the weather forecast predicted an 80% chance of a major snowstorm, which would cause both O’Hare and his connecting flight airport to shut down. The snow had already hit D.C. hard, and had led to a government shut down. Not wanting...
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