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  • Social Sciences faculty receive named professorships

    John D. Kelly, Professor in the Department of Anthropology, and Howard Nusbaum, Professor in the Department of Psychology, have been appointed to named professorships, effective January 1, 2018. John D. Kelly has been named the inaugural Christian W. Mackauer Professor in the College and the Division...
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  • 2017 Wisdom Research Forum Highlights (video)

    In August 2017, the Center for Practical Wisdom held its annual wisdom research forum. The meeting brought together key scholars and scientists to discuss wisdom from multiple perspectives and disseminate the latest research findings. Click here to watch highlights from the forum! Presentations covered...
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  • NSF SOCIAL SCIENCE FUNDING: Trends & Opportunities Insights from a Current NSF Program Director

    Research Development Lunch Series, University of Chicago The first session of the Division of the Social Sciences new Research Development Lunch Series. Dr. Howard Nusbaum will share insights from his experience as Division Director at NSF, including emerging trends and how faculty can leverage under...
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  • Turning points : Finding experiential forks in the path to wisdom and virtues

    by Howard Nusbaum, Self, Motivation, & Virtue Project People often believe that, by adulthood, the psychology of the way they think, feel, believe, and act is set in stone–that an adult’s personality cannot really change. In part, this may be why people think that wisdom is something unattainable...
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  • Trading changes how brain processes selling decisions

    by Mark Peters, UChicago News Market experience leaves people less susceptible to economic bias, study finds Experience in trading changes how the human brain evaluates the sale of goods, muting a well-established economic bias known as the endowment effect, according to researchers at the University...
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  • Can You Teach Yourself to Be Wiser? U. of C. Center Wants to Find Out

    by Bettina Chang, Chicago Magazine An owl. An old man with a cane. Yoda. The symbols of wisdom are well known, but what do we actually know about being wise? That’s the question that will be the focus of University of Chicago’s new Center for Practical Wisdom, the first research center of its kind in...
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  • New research center becomes first to focus on wisdom

    By Greg Borzo, UChicago News While people search for wisdom throughout their lives, it long has been overlooked as a topic for rigorous scholarship and scientific investigation. That’s changing at UChicago, which recently launched the Center for Practical Wisdom. The first-of-its-kind center is being...
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  • Being Wise & Being Good - a Conversation with Howard Nusbaum and Candace Vogler

    UChicago News Click here to watch the livestream of "Being Wise & Being Good - a Conversation with Howard Nusbaum and Candace Vogler" Event began Monday, June 6, 7:00 pm Introduction : Wisdom, and the cultivation and exercise of strengths of character like courage, temperance, justice,...
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  • The Wisdom Project: Can science really tell us anything worth knowing about wisdom?

    by Betsy Johnson-Miller, Bearings Can science really tell us anything worth knowing about wisdom? Dr. Howard Nusbaum thinks so. “Wisdom is not a magical thing,” says Nusbaum, principal investigator at the University of Chicago’s Wisdom Research Project. “It’s about solving certain problems and thinking...
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  • Higher Wisdom Is Correlated With A Form Of Dance And Ancient Traditional Practices

    PsyBlog:Understand your Mind Higher wisdom is correlated with these diverse activities. Classical ballet has been linked to increased wisdom by a new study. The research also confirmed that many varieties of meditation are linked to greater wisdom. The link, the researcher shows, is down to how meditation...
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  • Toward a Neuroscience of Wisdom (2016)

    Chapter excerpt: Wisdom is a quality of human nature that has been discussed extensively throughout history, perhaps most notably by Aristotle. In modern times, however, despite being considered a pinnacle of human cognition, there has been little public discourse about wisdom or its importance in human...
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  • Wisdom Research Forum 2015: Video Series

    Recorded presentations from the Wisdom Research Forum on May 8, 2015 are available for viewing on the UChicago Wisdom Research Youtube Channel. To view the trailer and video collection, follow this link to the UChicago Wisdom Research YouTube page (or click on the hyperlinked presentation titles in the...
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  • Thinking about wisdom as a skill

    By Howard C. Nusbaum Recently I have been thinking about wisdom as a kind of skill, as something you can practice and improve. It sounds funny to talk about wisdom as a skill because much of the cultural icons of wisdom like Yoda in Star Wars or Mr. Miyagi in The Karate Kid just seem to have wisdom—we...
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  • Conversations on Wisdom: Howard C. Nusbaum

    By Jean Matelski-Boulware Howard C. Nusbaum is a Professor of Psychology at the University of Chicago. As a cognitive psychologist and cognitive neuroscientist, his research interest in wisdom expands to learning, attention, working memory, categorization, consolidation, and language. Dr. Nusbaum has...
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  • What Psychological and Social Factors Contribute to the Development of Wisdom? (Part 2, Discussion Summary)

    By Howard Nusbaum Does a person become wise through a mysterious force of nature—just something that happens to a rare few individuals, and is therefore beyond the intervention of human intention and control? This is the impression one gets in thinking about various examples of wisdom from stories and...
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  • What Psychological and Social Factors Contribute to the Development of Wisdom?

    By Howard C. Nusbaum When thinking about how wisdom develops, some people believe that wisdom comes with age. This idea may be due to examples that come readily to mind either from personal experience or from popular culture. But before considering how wisdom develops, it is probably helpful to spell...
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