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  • What happens in the brain when we hear stories? Uri Hasson at TED2016

    by Thu-Huong Ha, TED Blog We may, as Joan Didion once wrote, tell ourselves stories in order to live—but Uri Hasson is looking for a few more reasons. The neuroscientist based at Princeton University researches the neurological basis of human communication and storytelling, and in session 11 at TED2016...
     Posted by: jlmatelski
  • Mindfulness Pain Relief Distinct from Placebo Effect

    By Justin Karter, Mad in America: Science, Psychiatry, and Community A new study demonstrates that the practice of mindfulness may ease pain in a way that is mechanistically distinct from the placebo effect. Research, published in the Journal of Neuroscience , found that mindfulness meditation not only...
     Posted by: jlmatelski
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  • Compassion Training Alters Altruism and Neural Responses to Suffering (2013)

    Abstract: Compassion is a key motivator of altruistic behavior, but little is known about individuals’ capacity to cultivate compassion through training. We examined whether compassion may be systematically trained by testing whether (a) short-term compassion training increases altruistic behavior and...
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  • Differential Pattern of Functional Brain Plasticity after Compassion and Empathy Training (2013)

    Abstract: Although empathy is crucial for successful social interactions, excessive sharing of others’ negative emotions may be maladaptive and constitute a source of burnout. To investigate functional neural plasticity underlying the augmentation of empathy and to test the counteracting potential of...
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  • Mindfulness and Emotion Regulation — An fMRI Study (2013)

    Abstract: Mindfulness—an attentive non-judgmental focus on present experiences—is increasingly incorporated in psychotherapeutic treatments as a skill fostering emotion regulation. Neurobiological mechanisms of actively induced emotion regulation are associated with prefrontally mediated down-regulation...
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  • Neural Correlates of Mindfulness Meditation-related Anxiety Relief (2013)

    Abstract: Anxiety is the cognitive state related to the inability to control emotional responses to perceived threats. Anxiety is inversely related to brain activity associated with the cognitive regulation of emotions. Mindfulness meditation has been found to regulate anxiety. However, the brain mechanisms...
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  • Interoception Drives Increased Rational Decision-Making in Meditators Playing the Ultimatum Game (2011)

    Abstract: Human decision-making is often conceptualized as a competition between cognitive and emotional processes in the brain. Deviations from rational processes are believed to derive from inclusion of emotional factors in decision-making. Here, we investigate whether experienced Buddhist meditators...
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  • Functional Neuroanatomy: The Locus of Human Intelligence (2009)

    Parashkev Nachev, Yee-Haur Mah and Masud Husain A new study mapping the functional effects of brain lesions has revealed a surprising map of human intelligence, stimulating a re-evaluation of data from purely correlative methods such as functional magnetic resonance imaging. Read the article.
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