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  • Spotlight on Science Diplomacy

    by Lorna Casselton and James Wilsdon for Seed Magazine "Last week, top scientists from more than 100 countries gathered in London for one of the biggest scientific meetings of the year: the InterAcademy Panel. Hosted by the Royal Society as part of its 350th anniversary celebrations, the Panel brings...
     Posted by: nick stock
  • It's the Media, Not Juveniles, Who Are Delinquent: A Panic About Names

    Defining Wisdom grantee John Pfaff critiques a recent paper entitled " First Names and Crime: Does Unpopularity Spell Trouble? ," written by two economists at Shippensburg University, David Karlist and Daniel Lee, in the Huffington Post. The article claims that there is a relationship between...
     Posted by: wattawa
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