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  • NPR Radio Interview of Boaz Keysar and Albert Costa: Your Morals Depend on Language

    June 20, 2014 Hosted by Brooke Gladstone, National Public Radio, On the Media Guests: Albert Costa and Boaz Keysar Would you sacrifice one person to save the lives of five others? Your answer may depend on whether you consider the problem in your native tongue or a foreign language one. In this interview...
     Posted by: brendah
  • Our Moral Tongue: Moral Judgments Depend on What Language We’re Speaking

    June 20, 2014 By Boaz Keysar and Albert Costa, The New York Times On June 20, 2003, employees of the Union Pacific Railroad faced a difficult decision as a runaway train headed toward downtown Los Angeles: Should they divert the train to a side track, knowing it would derail and hit homes in the less...
     Posted by: brendah
  • Thinking in a Foreign Language Could Sway Your Moral Judgments

    May 19, 2014 By Brandon Keim, Wired Would you kill one person to save five? This cruel dilemma pits the principle of thou-shalt-not-kill against simple math: Five is greater than one. But presumably it’s a dilemma each person solves the same way each time, unaffected by superficial things like the language...
     Posted by: brendah
  • Using A Foreign Language Influences Your Sense of Morality

    by Eva de Lozanne, United Academics Magazine In an other language you make different moral choices. Moral judgement is often considered to be a fixed given, based on deep-seated ideas on what is morally right and morally wrong. But, however counter-intuitive it may seem: recent research shows that people...
     Posted by: brendah
  • Tribal Wisdom in Modern Times

    March 19, 2014 By Michael M. Rosen, The American An ambitious new book grapples with some of the thorniest socio-moral questions ever to have bedeviled political philosophers, falling short when it attempts to apply its meta-morality to a practical issue. Excerpt: Tribal warfare, broadly construed, has...
     Posted by: brendah
  • Who would listen to Bertrand Russell's appeal for moral growth today?

    Clare Carlisle, The Guardian In 1959, Russell said knowledge and technology were advancing our lives, but that our survival depended on ethical improvement Wisdom is the ideal that animates Russell's thought more than any other: perhaps this is only to be expected – Russell was, after all, a philosopher...
     Posted by: brendah
  • Why Can't We All Just Get Along? The Uncertain Biological Basis of Morality

    October 23, 2013 Robert Wright, The Atlantic Squaring recent research suggesting we're "naturally moral" with all the strife in the world Excerpt: In 1999, Joshua Greene —then a philosophy graduate student at Princeton, now a psychology professor at Harvard—had a very fertile idea. He took...
     Posted by: brendah
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  • Wisdom and Bias: Towards State-Focused Measurement of Wisdom-Related Cognition (2017)

    Abstract: Philosophers and behavioral scientists refer to wisdom as unbiased reasoning that guides one toward a good and virtuous life. However, major instruments developed to test wisdom are by default influenced by psychological bias. We examined whether shifting the focus from global, de-contextualized...
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  • Using a Foreign Language Changes Our Choices (2016)

    Abstract: A growing literature demonstrates that using a foreign language affects choice. This is surprising because if people understand their options, choice should be language independent. Here, we review the impact of using a foreign language on risk, inference, and morality, and discuss potential...
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  • From Knowledge to Wisdom: Science and the Good Life (2016)

    Abstract: Various scientific disciplines, from sociology and economics to neuroscience and psychology, have devised innovative and empirical methods for assessing subjective states of happiness and well-being, providing intriguing new clues about our complex nature and what fosters a happy and meaningful...
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  • Eudaimonia and Wisdom (2016)

    Abstract: Wisdom is an ancient concept that has been the subject of intense psychological investigation since the 1980s. In this chapter, we summarize major findings from several different approaches to studying this elusive concept, from early work focused on its psychometric location to more recent...
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  • Empathy, Justice, and Moral Behavior (2015)

    Abstract: Empathy shapes the landscape of our social lives. It motivates prosocial and caregiving behaviors, plays a role in inhibiting aggression, and facilitates cooperation between members of a similar social group. Thus, empathy is often conceived as a driving motivation of moral behavior and justice...
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  • Prescribing conduct: Enactments of talk or thought in advice-giving sequences (2014)

    Abstract: In everyday interaction, people recurrently animate, enact, or report on talk or thought (Clift and Holt, 2007). In this article, enactments of hypothetical, non-narrative talk in advice-relevant sequences are examined, with a focus on their role in modeling desirable stance or conduct. Data...
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  • The Complex Relation Between Morality and Empathy (2014)

    Morality and empathy are fundamental components of human nature across cultures. However, the wealth of empirical findings from developmental, behavioral, and social neuroscience demonstrates a complex relation between morality and empathy. At times, empathy guides moral judgment, yet other times empathy...
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  • Advancing emotionally intelligent justice within public life and popular culture (2014)

    Abstract: Based on the understanding that traditional forms of justice are characterized by ‘affective authoritarianism’, Lawrence W Sherman has argued that a new system of emotionally intelligent justice is needed to nurture the expression of positive, beneficial emotions; and to control negative, detrimental...
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  • Your Morals Depend on Language (2014)

    Abstract: Should you sacrifice one man to save five? Whatever your answer, it should not depend on whether you were asked the question in your native language or a foreign tongue so long as you understood the problem. And yet here we report evidence that people using a foreign language make substantially...
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  • The Role of Affect in the Neurodevelopment of Morality (2013)

    Abstract: Human social existence is characterized by an intuitive sense of fairness, concern for others, and the observance of cultural norms. This prosocial sensitivity is the foundation for adult morality, emanating from the sophisticated integration of emotional, motivational, and cognitive mechanisms...
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