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  • Practical Wisdom and Democratic Education (2018)

    Book summary: This book explores the development of practical wisdom, or phronesis, within the stories of four mature students studying for degrees in art and design. Through an analysis informed by the ideas of Basil Bernstein and Aristotle, the authors propose that phronesis – or the ability to deliberate...
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  • Practical wisdom: Making and teaching the governance case for sustainability (2017)

    Abstract : This paper examines the larger role that business education must begin playing in developing a generation of new leaders with the skills required to tackle the complex and increasingly serious challenges of sustainability. It posits a new framework for cultivating more responsible ways of...
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  • A Handbook of Practical Wisdom: Leadership, Organization, & Intergral Business Practice (2016)

    Abstract : The current financial and on-going ecological crises have taught us that without practical wisdom, business, organisations and leadership cannot be sustainable. In response to this situation, the Handbook of Practical Wisdom presents a critically informed understanding of wise practices, contributing...
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  • Can participatory communication be taught? Finding your inner phronēsis. (2015)

    Abstract: This paper pulls together current lessons, and past mistakes, in building capacity in the art and science of participatory communication. The science is the easy part. It is straightforward and tangible. It can be taught in a classroom or through a textbook or manual. But sadly, the science...
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  • Exploring the practical wisdom of mētis for management learning (2014)

    Abstract: This article investigates the nature of practical wisdom in organizational life through the notion of mētis, which we interpret as situated resourcefulness. Drawing on Greek mythology, we explore the nature of mētis and discuss its mythological characteristics in relation to a contemporary...
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  • Performing phronesis: On the way to engaged judgment (2014)

    Abstract: Practical wisdom and judgment, rather than seen as ‘things’ hidden inside the mind, are best talked of, we suggest, as emerging developmentally within an unceasing flow of activities, in which practitioners are inextricably immersed. Following a performative line of thinking, we argue that...
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  • Phronesis as Professional Knowledge: Practical Wisdom in the Professions (2012)

    Abstract: Phronesis is the Aristotelian notion of practical wisdom. In this collected series, phronesis is explored as an alternate way of considering professional knowledge. In the present context dominated by technical rationalities and instrumentalist approaches, a re-examination of the concept of...
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  • “Two Types of Wisdom” (2012)

    Abstract: The concept of wisdom is largely ignored by contemporary philosophers. But given recent movements in the fields of ethics and epistemology, the time is ripe for a return to this concept. This article lays some groundwork for further philosophical work in ethics and epistemology on wisdom. Its...
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  • The Wise Leader (2011)

    Abstract: In an era of increasing discontinuity, wise leadership has nearly vanished. Many leaders find it difficult to reinvent their corporations rapidly enough to cope with new technologies, demographic shifts, and consumption trends. They can’t develop truly global organizations that operate effortlessly...
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