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  • Proactivity Directed Toward the Team and Organization: The Role of Leadership, Commitment and Role-breadth Self-efficacy (2009)

    Karoline Strauss , Mark A. Griffin and Alannah E. Rafferty Employees' proactive behaviour is increasingly important for organizations seeking to adapt in uncertain economic environments. This study examined the link between leadership and proactive behaviour. We differentiated between organizational...
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  • The Wisdom Development Scale: Further Validity Investigations (2009)

    by Jeffrey A. Greene and Scott C. Brown Researchers are gaining an interest in the concept of wisdom, a more holistic yet often ineffable educational outcome. Models of wisdom abound, but few have rigorously tested measures. This study looks at Brown’s (2004a, 2004b) Model of Wisdom Development and its...
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  • How Can Life of Value Best Flourish in the Real World? (2009)

    In this essay I outline my work in philosophy during the last forty years. I explain how my work has sought to help solve two fundamental problems, namely: Problem 1 : How can we understand our human world, embedded as it is within the physical universe, in such a way that justice is done both to the...
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  • Replies and Reflections (2009)

    I reply to critical discussion of my work by Copthorne Macdonald, Steve Fuller, John Stewart, Joseph Agassi, Margaret Boden, Donald Gillies, Mathew Iredale, David Hodgson, Karl Rogers, and Leemon McHenry.
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  • From knowledge to wisdom (2009)

    There are these two absolutely basic problems: to learn about the universe and ourselves as a part of the universe, and to learn how to create a civilized world. Essentially, we have solved the first problem. We solved it when we created modern science. That is not to say that we know everything that...
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  • Hagia Sophia (Divine Wisdom) (2009)

    Perspective on wisdom, holism, and epistemics, a term used to describe the systematic study of subjective knowledge. This article is a commentary on the Neurobiology of Wisdom article in the same issue and journal. by James C. Harris, M.D. There is in all visible things an invisible fecundity, a dimmed...
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  • Gender Differences in Implicit Theories of Wisdom (2009)

    Abstract: Three studies are reported that investigated different aspects of gender differences in implicit theories. In Study 1, participants rated characteristics and possible sources of wisdom concerning their importance for wisdom. Gender differences are small, but suggest a slightly more cognition...
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  • Fostering wisdom: A psychological perspective (2008)

    Book Description: Publication Date: October 24, 2008 | ISBN-10: 1402065310 | ISBN-13: 978-1402065316 | Edition: 1 Wisdom is valued as an ideal aim of personal development around the world. But we rarely see how wisdom is understood in different religious and philosophical traditions and different scientific...
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  • The cognitive benefits of interacting with nature (2008)

    Abstract: We compare the restorative effects on cognitive functioning of interactions with natural versus urban environments. Attention restoration theory (ART) pro- vides an analysis of the kinds of environments that lead to improvements in directed-attention abilities. Nature, which is filled with...
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  • Wisdom: A Course Book for College Students (in Chinese) (2008)

    Qingsong Zhang and Qinglin Zhang, WISDOM: A COURSE BOOK FOR COLLEGE STUDENTS (Daxuesheng Zhihuixue in Chinese, publisher: Xiandai Jiaoyu Publishing House, Beijing, September 2009.ISBN: 978-7-80196-464-9) is a text book for a college course which aims at providing a comprehensive understanding of wisdom...
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