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  • Wisdom, Attachment, and Love in Trauma Therapy: Beyond Evidence-Based Practice (2018)

    Summary: Wisdom, Attachment, and Love in Trauma Therapy focuses on the creation of the therapist as healing presence rather than technique administrator—in other words, how to be rather than what to do. Trauma survivors need wise therapists who practice with the union of intellect, knowledge, and intuition...
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  • Practice Wisdom and Wise Practice (2016)

    Abstract: Professional practice is grounded and realised in being, doing, knowing and becoming, for individual practitioners and for communities of practice. Practice is released and enacted through metaphor, interpretation and narrative. Using dialogue and discourse we share our practices and our practice...
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  • Teaching for Wisdom in an Intergenerational High-School English Class (2015)

    Abstract: Although the psychological benefits of intergenerational learning environments have been well documented, no study has yet investigated wisdom as an outcome of intergenerational classroom engagement. In this study, Elders between the age 60–89 were recruited to participate in a high-school...
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  • Clinical wisdom in professional practice

    by Cynthia Baum-Baicker, Ph.D. There's an old joke in psychotherapy circles that goes like this: Nestled in the comfort of his therapist's office, a patient reveals that his tension and pain have grown to such a degree that he feels like jumping out the window. "Ah," says the kindly...
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