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SPJIMR CWIL's 6th Wisdom Research Presentation:

Dr Howard Nusbaum; video available

SPJIMR Centre for Wisdom in Leadership's sixth Wisdom Research Presentation was conducted by Dr Howard Nusbaum, Director of the Chicago Center for Practical Wisdom and the Stella M. Rowley Professor of Psychology at the University of Chicago on Friday, 31st March, 2023.

Click here to watch the presentation!

In this presentation titled “Experience and Wisdom” Dr Nusbaum speaks about how although wisdom is generally thought to increase with aging, it is apparent that experience is the causal agent that works to improve wise reasoning. He discusses the range of different kinds of experiences that can positively benefit some of the processes that are important in wise reasoning. To know more about Dr. Nusbaum and his work, please click the following link: https://wisdomcenter.uchicago.edu/