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Wisdom from somewhere over the rainbow highlight reel

Lecture by Nic M, Weststrate

Watch the highlight reel of the lecture livestream 'Wisdom from somewhere over the rainbow: Transmitting wisdom across generations of LGBTQ+ People

Watch the full lecture here!

Nic M. Weststrate is an Assistant Professor of Educational Psychology and a Member of the Center for Research on Health & Aging at the University of Illinois Chicago. His research examines social and personal resources that support the development, manifestation, and transmission of wisdom across the lifespan and between generations. In this talk, he elaborates on a program of research on intergenerational wisdom-sharing in LGBTQ+ communities, highlighting findings from lab-based studies and a Chicago-based community-engaged ethnographic experiment called The LGBTQ+ Intergenerational Dialogue Project. He shows how LGBTQ+ people and communities overcome attempts to censor and silence queer wisdom (e.g., "Don’t Say Gay" bills)—wisdom that is necessary for surviving and thriving in an increasingly anti-LGBTQ+ political climate.