The path to wisdom: The wisdom resources of the MORE Life Experience Model

Abstract: Why do some people become wise by learning from life's challenges, but many people do not? The MORE Life Experience Model (Glück & Bluck, 2013) proposes that life experiences are catalysts for the development of wisdom; they can lead to more wisdom, but they do not necessarily do so. The model postulates that five psychological resources are essential for how people deal with life experiences, integrate them into their lives, and learn from them: managing uncertainty and uncontrollability, openness to new experiences, reflectivity, emotional sensitivity and emotion regulation – the MORE resources. This article describes these resources and illustrates them with quotes from narrative interviews with wise individuals about difficult life experiences.

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Lang, L-M., Jager, L., & Gluck, J. (2022). The path to wisdom: The wisdom resources of the MORE life experience model. Praxis Klinische Verhaltensmedizin und Rehabilitation (Practice of Clinical Behavioral Medicine and Rehabilitation), 118.