Phronesis: Retrieving practical wisdom in psychology, philosophy, and education

Abstract: Phronesis, or practical wisdom, has interested philosophers (and more recently psychologists) for millennia. In the last decade or so, a bandwagon of diverse academics has been working with and celebrating the notion of phronesis as a metacognitive capacity, guiding morally aspirational cognition and action.

In Phronesis: Retrieving Practical Wisdom in Psychology, Philosophy, and Education, Kristján Kristjánsson and Blaine J. Fowers work through some of the relevant puzzles created by the recent phronesis discourse, filling gaps in the current literatures, and pushing the research agenda in new directions. The book does so in a way that is radically interdisciplinary and draws in equal measure on insights from psychology, philosophy, and education. Through its revised and applied Aristotelianism, the book makes a contribution to vital ongoing debates within moral psychology, moral philosophy, professional ethics, and moral education about the salience of phronesis - addressing the topic accessibly both for academics in key disciplines and for a wider readership of intellectually minded readers. In addition, it offers practical advice about the development and education of phronesis in different areas of professional practice and secondary and college-level education.

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Kristjánsson, K., & Fowers, B. (2023). Phronesis: Retrieving practical wisdom in psychology, philosophy, and education. OUP Oxford.