Rise of Wisdom Pedagogy Research in Higher Education (1980–2022):

A Systematic Literature Review

Abstract: This paper explores: How has wisdom pedagogy research emerged in higher education during 1980–2022? This study is the first to explore the emergence of wisdom pedagogy research in higher education applying Bipartite network analysis for detecting clusters of 24 wisdom pedagogy articles of 53 authors and 161 keywords. Results are visualized with WoS analytics, word-clouds, and with Bipartite network. Wisdom research in higher education is two decades late compared with other disciplines. In higher education n = 524 wisdom, n = 33 wisdom pedagogy publications were detected in the Web of Science Core Collection database. This paper analyzed n = 24 wisdom pedagogy articles published during the 1980–2022 period. There were only two articles found dealing directly with wisdom pedagogy. Therefore, this study has several further research implications for educational researchers. Firstly, they need to conduct a more comprehensive search for wisdom pedagogy models by extending the scope of this study to other databases, books, book chapters, and to conference papers. Secondly, they need to synthesize and theorize their findings by building a wisdom pedagogy model. Thirdly, researchers need to develop detailed guidelines for educational practitioners on how to apply wisdom pedagogy in practice. This study is only at the beginning of this journey. However, it would be important for educating students with wisdom pedagogy in higher education because it would facilitate students’ thinking, judgements, and actions based on their moral and ethical values in a highly interconnected and complex world.

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Jakubik, M. (2024). Rise of Wisdom Pedagogy Research in Higher Education (1980–2022): A Systematic Literature Review. Trends in Higher Education3(2), 199-220.