Cultivating Wisdom: A collection of essays for leaders and organisation developers

Book summary: The research which underpins the ideas presented in this collection of essays explores the link between the concept of wisdom and its practice within organisations. Organisations have a huge impact on our lives and the world. In recent decades organisational wisdom has been gently emerging as an explicit concept amongst writers and academics responding to many challenges facing society and more specific crises and concerns including the financial crash of 2008, inequality, the #MeToo movement, responsibilities of Big Tech companies and climate change.

We might be encouraged that some in the academic community are showing renewed interest in wisdom. But there is a challenge. Whilst a number of organisational writers link back to classical philosopher Aristotle’s ‘phronesis’ with its focus on practical wisdom, fewer provide tangible examples of what it looks like in situ. Interest seems more focussed on the theory than the practice of wisdom and it does not seem to be being actively discussed or translated into action in the organisational setting.

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