Wisdom Research YouTube Channel

Watch research talks on wisdom and wisdom related topics on the Wisdom Youtube channel!

Our playlists include full presentations from wisdom research forums from 2009-2017 as well as interviews with leading wisdom scholars!

Presentations by Stephen Grimm, Judith Glück, Sayuri Hayakawa, Igor Grossmann, Eranda Jayawickreme, Greg Norman, Michel Ferrari, Dilip Jeste, Monika Ardelt, and Robert J. Sternberg. 

Presentations by Daniel Lapsley, Katheryn Schertz, Dilip Jeste, Robert J. Sternberg, Igor Grossmann, Masami Takahashi, and Nic M. Weststrate. Highlight reel also included in playlist!

Highlight videos from meetings in March 2014, November 2014, and May 2015. Full presentations from Jeffrey Webster, Ursula Staudinger, Margaret Plews-Ogan MD, Amishi Jha, Stephen Collins, Joel Snyder & Jason Holland, Steven Sloman, Valerie Tiberius, Monika Ardelt, Jean K. Gordon, Albert Costa, and Judith Glück.

Watch presentations from Defining Wisdom meetings in 2009 & 2010 and A New Science of Virtues meeting in 2010!