Developing wise leaders:

What can coaching offer?

Abstract: It feels unnecessary to rehearse current challenges – climate change, recovery from Covid, global energy and economic crises, military conflict, political and social polarisation, technological shifts, health and income inequality across and within countries etc.  And yet it feels key to stay hopeful,  and follow Paul Tilich’s (1952) call for “The Courage to Be”.

In undertaking  this research  inquiry we offer a premise that we need wise individual leaders  and collective leadership to deal with these challenges. Leading the 21st century is incredibly demanding given the complexity and scale of issues. How are leaders and leadership being developed and supported to cope?

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Craike, J., Crossly, S., Gaukroger, J., & Jagger, P. (2022, December). Developing wise leaders: What can coaching offer? EMCC Global Funded Research Project. Retrieved from